Official Video for 'Bob Lennon John Dylan' by The Phoenix Foundation.

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Directors: Puck Murphy and Paul Freeman
DOP's: Jon Baxter, Hannah Walker, Paul Freeman
Costume: Katey Melody Rogers
Prod Manager: Matthew Davis
Art Department: Fred and Hamish
Grip: Andy Cave
Lighting: Puck and Angus Muir

Post Prod. and VFX: Puck Murphy and Paul Freeman

The video itself is an interconnected series of visual concepts based (admittedly somewhat inexplicably) on "fever" dreams, social anxieties, men's undergarments, VHS tape decay, paparazzi fatigue and black hole event horizons, as well as Pastafarianism and the Flying Spaghetti Monster (His Noodly Appendages be upon us). No permanent psychological damage has been reported by any of the cast or crew.

We filmed the band in Cable Car Light Tunnel in Wellington and in our studios in Auckland within a custom-built, sequenceable light tunnel (dubbed the 'Tron Orca') to create the swirling light effects you see in the clip. The 'proto-willy' and stretchy body effects were achieved using miniature photography and bluescreen compositing.